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Erosion Control Methods & Restoration

Erosion Control Methods & Restoration

  • Restoration Services

  • Once a site has undergone the initial clearing process, Urben Forest Services provides essential erosion control methods and restoration services. Our commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainable land management is reflected in the diverse solutions we offer.

    To effectively combat erosion, we employ proven methods such as the installation of silt fences and silt socks. These barriers act as crucial sediment control measures, preventing soil erosion and runoff during construction or land development activities. Our skilled team ensures that these erosion control measures are strategically placed to maximize their effectiveness and minimize the environmental impact.

  • For restoration, we offer specialized grass seeding services, using a carefully selected blend of grass varieties or native seed mixes. We then provide straw and straw matting or erosion matting services. These materials serve as protective layers, preventing soil displacement while facilitating water absorption. The use of straw and erosion matting contributes to the overall health of the landscape, supporting the establishment of vegetation and fostering a more sustainable ecosystem.

    Our comprehensive approach, combining tried-and-true techniques with innovative solutions, ensures that your cleared site is not only prepared for further development but also set on a path toward ecological resilience and long-term health.

  • Erosion Control


"When these guys arrived they were, to say the least!,, well equipped. Listened to my concerns about existing plants. They took down two oak trees and bucked them into firewood sizes. They were amazingly accurate dropping the huge branches to the ground. Even with driving huge machinery into the yard (another company said they wouldn't be able to do it) there was almost no damage to any other plants in the yard. They only took away a little wood that wasn't good for firewood. Before they left they cleaned up everything. They were done in about 3 hours. Nice guys too. Will have them do more work for us."

Kathy S.