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Proudly Serving Madison, WI

Proudly Serving Madison, WI

Located minutes from Madison, Urben Forest Services specializes in land and lot clearing. With years of dedication, our family-operated business excels in delivering a wide variety of services to meet the needs of both residential and commercial customers in Madison. Whether it's tree land and lot clearing or other forestry services, we prioritize the conservation and enrichment of natural surroundings. Beyond forestry services, we furnish top-notch mulch, firewood, compost, and topsoil products. Rest assured, we are fully insured and offer 24 hour emergency assistance.

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    Urben Forest Services is your go-to business for land management solutions in Madison, Wisconsin, and the surrounding Dane County area. Dillon and Connor Urben, the owners and operators, bringing years of experience to the table. Specializing in forestry mulching, tree clearing and grubbing, grading and site preparation and erosion control and restoration, they are here to help you with your commercial or residential needs in Madison, WI. They also provide mobile wood grinding, material screening and tree trimming and removal services in Madison, and throughout Dane County.

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    Urben specializes in distributing premium wood products, sourced from a blend of hardwood trees in Dane County, effectively minimizing the risk of introducing new non-native insects and diseases to the area. We exclude any recycled construction or landscape materials, such as landscape timbers, utility poles, railroad ties, plywood, pallet wood, or treated lumber. This commitment ensures that our products meet the highest standards of purity and environmental responsibility. Serving both residential and commercial needs in Madison, Wisconsin,  Urben stands as your trusted provider for premium mulch, firewood, compost, and topsoil, guaranteeing unmatched quality and service.