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High Quality Wood Mulch

High Quality Wood Mulch

  • Our double shredded wood mulch is created exclusively from 100% recycled hardwood logs sourced from land and lot clearing projects within the Dane County area. This distinctive approach not only ensures the superior quality of our mulch but also mitigates the risk of introducing non-native insects and diseases to the region.

    Our commitment to environmental consciousness is reflected in our mulch composition, as we deliberately exclude recycled construction or landscape materials such as landscape timbers, utility poles/railroad ties, plywood, pallet wood, treated lumber, and the like. This ensures that our mulch is free from adhesives and harsh chemical preservatives, promoting a more natural and sustainable landscaping solution.

  • Natural Mulch

  • Colored Mulch

  • At Urben Forest Services, we take pride in producing, selling, and delivering high-quality. Our mulch is available in a diverse range of options, including our economy mulch, double shredded hardwood mulch or double shredded colored mulch (dyed mulch inlcuding brown, black, or red), allowing you to customize your landscaping aesthetic.

    For those seeking an even finer texture, our hardwood natural mulch is offered in both double and triple shredded varieties. To further cater to your convenience, we provide delivery services for mulch orders of 3 yards or larger, with the capacity to deliver up to 90 cubic yards at a time.

    Rest assured, our commitment to environmental responsibility extends to our dyes and colorants, all of which are 100% environmentally friendly. Delivery options are available for orders exceeding three cubic yards, with the capability to deliver up to 90 yards at a time. For those who prefer pickup, arrangements can be made by appointment only. Choose Urben Forest Services for an eco-conscious wood mulch solution that combines quality, variety, and sustainability.



"From my first interaction until payment, the Dillion and his staff where amazing. When they left after falling two huge trees in my front yard, you could not even tell they had been there. Making sure to keep me in the loop with what they were doing and following up to ensure my approval was appreciated. Would recommend or rehire in a heartbeat. Best of the best."

Timothy P.