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Forestry Mulching

Forestry Mulching

  • Forestry Mulching is an efficient and eco-friendly way of clearing invasive understory trees and brush. Our forestry mower mulches up all types of vegetation, leaving behind a natural mulch look which is good for the ecosystem and helps with erosion. As decomposition of the shredded material occurs, nutrients are reintroduced into the soil, making it richer and more fertile. This method of clearing is fast and efficient. With this machine, we can clear land at costs far less than hand cutting methods with no hauling or burning that would result from conventional clearing. This method has become increasingly popular for various applications, including wildfire prevention, right-of-way clearing, and habitat restoration, making it a sustainable and versatile solution in modern land management practices.

  • Fence Line Clearing

  • Forestry Mulching

  • Additional Advantages of Forestry Mulching

    Regrowth Prevention: Forestry mulching eliminates stumps and cuts material flush to the ground, significantly reducing the chances of unwanted vegetation regrowth. This is particularly beneficial in areas requiring long-term maintenance or in projects where preventing the return of vegetation is crucial.

    Reduced Disruption: Forestry mulching minimizes disruption to the surrounding environment. With less disturbance to the soil and vegetation, the ecological impact is reduced, making it a more environmentally friendly option compared to traditional clearing methods.


"Dillon and his crew were able to remove our huge silver maple that was very close to our home and power lines. It was done quickly and safely. It was amazing how they maneuvered the lift in our small backyard space with the power lines over the patio and got our huge tree taken down and hauled away and the yard cleaned all in just 7 hours or less. They were careful with their large machines and I didn't see any issues with our lawn or driveway! The neighbors were very happy with everything too. They also removed a large tree from our front yard a year ago and did the stump grinding and planted new grass. Highly recommend Dillon and Urben Forest Services!"

Jill S.

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